Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hey Red Sweater girl!

                                                       Hello WORLD!
The weekend was amazing! but I'm glad the work week has started because I have more time for blogging & it's back to work for me aka writing!
On Monday morning, I wanted to wear the sweater, I got for my Christmas outfit but since I was feeling sick on Christmas, I didn't take any photos of my outfit, I told Mom, Let's recreated it!
The title came about when I was walking to the store & my darling Mom who was calling me yells "Hey Red Sweater Girl!" I turned around & said, "Yes?" Then I was thinking "That's a Great Name for my Blog Post!" Here we go!
                                                     Hey Red Sweater Girl!                                                                      
 What I'm wearing I started with a Gray Thermal By Gilligan & O'Malley (Here) then Layered with a Cute Red Sweater by Liz  Claiborne (similar here) & I had to wear my Dark wash jeans by Jordache (here) then I'm wearing long socks under my Ugg look alikes (here) & In my hair, I have a Rosegold Head wrap That is no longer for sale but If you can't find one you like, I would wear this here floral head wrap & It also perfect to wear it in the Summer too, Oh I can't forget my peals here
 I wore over my sweater so it would still look girly & classy.

my rose gold watch by Merona (Here)  
Rose gold bangles by Forever21 (Similar Here)
Nail polish OPI Germany Collection "Don't Pretzel My Buttons" (<-aka My go to color)

then layered even more! with black & white striped scarf. I did wear it on New Year's Eve too! It's Really warm! Too bad It's sold out, I wanted another one.

Since It was even Colder when I went out, I put on my pink & white cable knit hat (Here)   
& My coat. (Old) 

Please, Don't forget to Put on coats!! 
I don't want to sound like my mom! Lol. but just because we stay in Fashion, Doesn't mean we must stay cold! & also Hats are a MUST! I always take a note from my European fashion bloggers who are always wearing hats in the winter. but I took My hat off after we opened gifts On Christmas day, I really Think that's why I got sick. 

My CUTE hat! Mom Got it for me.

I hope to see on Thursday with a Runway Post! (warning may post Spring shows already!) 
It felt like forever since I have done one, well I guess it has been! also wanted to let everyone know a Lot of stores are having sales! since they are getting rid of Winter Clothing & getting ready for Spring Clothing & shoes & everything! 
Here's some Sites that are having sales! 
This is Perfect if You want to Update your closet! 

It seems they all have sales when I'm trying to saving Money.. Oh Well!

See you Thursday! 
Stay In Style
Xo Pam 


snoopellie said...

Lovely red sweater, Pam :)


Anonymous said...

Love your sweater! Yes, always wear a coat! Here, in New York, it's been warm lately, but I just put on my black-and-white peacoat.

Pam E said...

Oh Thank You so Much, & Thanks For stopping by means so much to me, Ellie. :)
Xo Pam

Pam E said...

yes, it is so nice & warm but I still need a coat! Oh That's a Great Idea, even if it's a light coat & Thank You for dropping by!
Xo Pam

circleofchaos said...

Thank you so much for the follow,dear.^^
Follow you back on gfc and bloglovin #81.

Anonymous said...

You look gorgeous! Red is definitely your color!

Anonymous said...

Too cute! I love the scarf and your rose gold jewelry!!

xo Megan, to: Hello Beautiful

Pam E said...

Oh Your welcome! :) Oh Thank You so much!

Pam E said...

Hi @Spashionistreport!
Oh Thank You! :) aww! Well, It's such a Happy Color & It makes me happy!

Pam E said...

Hi @Megan
aww Thank You! ME TO! I'm a nut for Rose Gold!
I signed up for Your blog email. :)