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Happy MLK Day! ( Past First Ladies & The Current First Lady) & What Magazine I'm Reading This Week?

                                      Happy Martin Luther King Jr day!
Since It's MLK Day, I thought, I would talk a about some of the past First Ladies & What they wore At their First Inaugural Ceremonies & Balls & Why I look up to them! & What I like about the Current First Lady Mrs Obama! Now let's get into it!
Don't Forget to Remember & Thank Martin Luther King, Jr. For all he did for us as a Country!

 First Ladies of Past & Current Wore at Their First Inaugural Ceremonies! 
                                                        Jackie Kennedy
In 1961, she was the YOUNGEST First Lady Ever at 32! Going to inaugural ceremony, she wore a white gown and cape she designed herself in collaboration with Bergdorf Goodman’s Ethan Frankau.
Doesn't it Look perfect & since It was being filmed in Black & white she wanted to make sure she Looked great! HOW Smart is that! 
What I really love about Jackie.. is That She's a Wonderful Dresser & so kind & Wonderful Mother!! 
Another Photo I love of her was her Wedding DRESS! 

Another Photo I love of her was her Wedding DRESS!
OMGH! I LOVE IT! Her Vail & her dress the lace is wonderful! Designed by Ann Lowe In 1953.. WOW! This is The Dress that made me LOVE Fashion even more, I saw it when 10!! I DIED! 

Lady Bird Johnson
Lady Bird was 51 when she became first lady & In 1965 At the Inaugural Ball,she wore a yellow gown designed by John Moore, a pearl necklace and white gloves. 
But Lady Bird Johnson probably had the most difficult task of all First Ladies when selecting her Inaugural Ball outfit. Held just one month after JFK’s assassination, the usually celebratory event was bittersweet: There was sadness, but it was also important to convey a sense of hope & Peace in the country. 
Growing Up as a Girl in Texas I heard a LOT About Lady Bird Johnson & I kinda Looked up to her Because She was Such a Wonderful Women & Never Let Anything Get to her & always Supported her Husband & I'll always remember when I first saw Her Beautiful Yellow Dress at Lyndon Baines Johnson Library and Museum
  In Austin, when I was 10 my parents took My Brothers & I, on Field Trip to Austin & I saw it, I will never Forget it, this dress was maybe the best thing that ever happened to me!
Nancy Reagan
Nancy Reagan With Husband Ronald Reagan at the Inaugural Ball & She wore a White, one-shoulder gown by James Galanos.
The Reagans ushered in a new era of glamour & Old Hollywood style & They were widely considered to be one of the world’s foremost 20th century couturiers, made no doubt about that. “They were Hollywood,” Betts said, simply.  A one-shouldered gown has proven to be a popular choice for First Ladies because, as Dincuff says, “it’s a sophisticated look, halfway between strapless and covered up. It works well for women over the age of thirty.”
I think, It's Perfect for her & The Color is amazing on her & Perfect for a Women Of her age.. I LOVE IT! I really Look up to her since she always Supported her Husband & even Getting older, she still kept her Classic Style. 

Barbara Bush
George H.W. Bush & Barbara Bush At the 1989 Inaugural Ball,She Wore a Royal blue velvet & taffeta Arnold Scaasi gown and pearls.
The color is a powerful way to send a message. So what was Barbara trying to say when she wore a striking royal blue gown to the Inauguration of her husband, a Republican?  Perhaps it was a subtle nod towards bi-partisanship–a cause which her husband continued to champion after his presidency Or it may have been meant to leave a regal impression. The pearls’ message, however, is clearer: “Pearls are very ladylike, very proper, but at the same time, respectable.
I love Pearls On her & She really gave me ideas & Not to Be to wear Pearls When I was 20 & I brought a Simple Pair At the Thirft Store & yes, someone Said I look Like Barbara bush But You know What I WAS SO PROUD! 
                                                              Hillary Clinton
Bill Clinton & Hillary Clinton In 1993 At the Inaugural ball & She Wore A purple, long-sleeved gown by Little Rock designer Sarah Phillips. 
Hillary made a wise choice donning purple, a color that is both neutral and powerful, with royal connotations. She also made a statement by eschewing big-name designers for little-known Sarah Phillips, a designer from Bill’s hometown of Little Rock." 
It's A Very Pretty Purple dress & Looks amazing On her, She's so happy here, I love This Photo of her.

Laura Bush
Laura Bush wearing a bright red gown designed by Michael Faircloth and pearls & Laura opted for a local designer from her homestate of Texas. She also wore pearls like her mother-in-law Barbara, the message there being as much about classic, conservative style as carrying on the Bush tradition. 
Since Laura Bush Is from Texas, like Me, I always Looked up to Her as a Strong & Classic Women She was a True First Lady In my Heart & always Will be. 

Michelle Obama
 Barack Obama & Michelle Obama At The Inaugural Ball in 2008 & Michelle is wearing a white, one-shoulder gown by Jason Wu. 
Michelle had one of the most successful Inaugural Ball appearances of all First Ladies. Considering that hope was such an important part of Obama’s platform, Michelle couldn't have chosen a better dress.  “The white dress which looked almost like a wedding dress, symbolized a fresh start, new beginnings in a very innocent optimistic moment.”
This such a Pretty & Wonderful color On her & really has wonderful style! & she knows to how to dress As a Modern Women in the White House & she's a very brave women for raising two young Wonderful Daughters in the White house. 

(For Links & More photos here!,here! & here!)

What Magazine I'm Reading This Week?
Elle US for the month of February, with Cover Girl Claire Danes!
 I can't wait to read it! on Friday I'll up date on how I liked it & What Stories to read! & If it's a Magazine You should Buy for this Month! 

Stay Classy & Happy! 
Xo Pam                                         

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