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Designer Profile: Oscar De La Renta..

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I kinda didn't know what to write about today, then I was thinking what about more designer profile's? I know,as a reader of tons of fashion blogs, I would like to know more the best fashion designers & upcoming designers. I really would love to write more designer Profiles at lease twice a month, I hope you as my readers could tell what you think about it? That would help me a lot! 
then I was thinking who should I write a design profile On?? it had to be someone who's fashion has changed the way we look at fashion & has changed my life then It came to me, what about Oscar De La Renta? 
He has changed the way we look at fashion But still keeps his class & perfect style For women's wear. 
Now let's talk about, Mr De La Renta. 

He was born Oscar Aristides de la Renta Fiallo in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. 
Oscar was raised alongside six sisters in a middle-class household in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. 
At the age of 18, he left the Caribbean island to study painting at the Academy of San Fernando in Madrid. 
While in Spain, he dreamed of becoming an abstract painter but instead became wooed by the world of fashion design. 
His obvious talent for illustration opened doors for him, and he quickly landed an apprenticeship with Spain's most renowned couturier, Cristobal Balenciaga.. <--I DIED when I read this) 

In 1961, while on vacation in Paris, he was hired for his first real fashion job at Lanvin-Castillo. Within two years, he had moved to New York and joined the American design house of Elizabeth Arden. Firm in his footing, he began his own signature ready-to-wear label in 1965.

De la Renta married Francoise de Langlade, an editor-in-chief of French Vogue, in 1967. Francoise introduced her husband to some of the most influential members of fashion society and invited many of the rich and famous to his shows. His line—identified by its delicate silk prints, use of ruffles, soft silhouettes and vibrant palette—soon became synonymous with casual luxury. 

Women of means couldn't get enough of his distinctly modern yet romantic looks, and for those who couldn't afford his gowns, he offered a scent, His first perfume debuted in 1977.
I have never smelled it, I need to smell it now..

Respected by his contemporaries, de la Renta served as president of the Council of Fashion Designers of America from 1973 to 1976, and from 1986 to 1988.  De la Renta suffered a great tragedy when his wife Francoise died in 1983 of bone cancer. Shortly after her death, he adopted a son he found in an orphanage in his native country. De la Renta married for a second time in 1990, to philanthropist and socialite Annette Engelhard Reed.

While de la Renta expanded his lines and took them in a new direction in the 1990s, his pieces remained feminine and flattering. By the late '90s and early 2000s, his work became the preferred wear of American first ladies.  

Oscar De La Renta with honorary guest Nancy Reagan  at The Colleagues Annual Spring Luncheon, held Tuesday at the Beverly Wilshire In April 2011
The former first lady received a special award of recognition for her 49 years of service from her friend Oscar de la Renta. “It’s such an honor for me to say I’ve been friends with Nancy for so long,” said de la Renta. “This award may be small, but it’s full of love.” 
Reagan, wearing a white de la Renta suit, accepted the award from her seat at the table, saying, “I’m very appreciative and very happy to be here.”
He dressed first lady Nancy Reagan in the 1980s, and then provided the gowns for inaugural events for both Hillary Clinton in 1997 and Laura Bush in 2005.
In 2002, de la Renta added his name to a whole new business venture: furniture,His 100 pieces for Century Furniture featured dining tables, upholstered chairs and couches.
Metel Trim Upholstered Poster Bed Queen Size 5/0
Breath taking bed.. He has so much more! 
 In 2004, despite the risk of lessening the value of his brand as a whole, he added a less expensive line of clothing called O Oscar,Only at Macy's He said he wanted to attract new customers whom he could not reach before, But I couldn't find any photos on it or anything.. 
Now Let's talk about all the Runway shows, Though the years! 

So simple yet so pretty! 

Model Naomi Campball,she's so young! 
I love the lace details.. 

Model Gisele Bundchen, she's so young here too! 
Looks so much like the Summer trench.. to me. 

 perfectly fitted Power suit! 

Wow.. Ball gown with the perfect amount of sparkle.. 


The Model is wearing a American-flag armbands since Sept 11th 2001, Had just happened a few days before the show. 
The white with the lace & red.. comes to together so well. 

I love the sheerness of the dress but I love how It's not too sheer! 
the color is amazing.

My Favorite Dress.. of this whole show! It's amazing.. Wow. 
The Black & white with sheer skirt.. is breath taking! 

I love it!! Makes me think of a Spanish style wedding dress.

I love The whole look! You have this clean put together look winter, It just shows, You don't need boots to be warm, fur & wool can keep you warm too! 

Love this sheer & wool white skirt & blazer & pointed heel make her look legs look longer 

I love the Wool. floral coat.. with the matching floral boots, make it look wonderful!    

This says, Blue Winter ball gown

I love all the white.. this is so clean,airy & perfect for Spring!! 

This dress has such a English garden feel it.. & I can't stop looking at the Red, but it's not too bright.. 

I love the color! & with the floral is so pretty plus the white gloves looks so elegant.

I love the lacs with the little bit of sheerness & ruffles makes it look so elegant.. 

White Lace taffeta Empire gown, this is Breath taking, The bow brings it all together. 


I really feel like the fur coat over the wool dress is the star in this outfit & I LOVE IT!  

bright Salmon with black fur & gold goes together so well! 

Leopard with dark,deep purple looks so clean & also so fashion forward, chunky necklaces make it look more casual. 

stunning! this purple houndstooth dress looks so classy, 
 with the tall riding boots,It's now my dream dress!

Floral black & white ball gown.. with layers of ruffles. Looks as if it should be in a Museum as a Piece of art.. 


Matching cobalt blue pant suit, looks amazing.. Love the sandals! 

Love this, pattern of fabric,fits so well with white & gold.  

This sparkle silky dress with sandals is stunning!

Bright orange slit dress looks like something a Spanish singer would wear, I like it then I don't. Do Y'all like it? 

I really tried to cover all the seasons, If You want to read my post on Oscar's 2012 spring line,click here. 

If You have a Oscar De La Renta fan on your gift list, Make sure you look at Here Oscar is one of many Designers who worked with Target & Neiman Marcus.
Just a reminder,If you want a designer profile on Your favorite Designer, Please Comment below! & I'll write it soon.

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