Monday, December 17, 2012

Cyber Monday Haul!

                                                    Happy Tuesday!
I have a Haul today! Let's Talk about how Black Friday went down & why I got stuff at Cyber Monday instead. Well, After Thanksgiving Dinner we went to Target about 3 hours before it opened, we got there & it was PACKED!! It went all the way around to the dump bins, We want to get a lot of stuff,after talking about it & not finding a parking spot,we just went home because it looks about 700 people,that's just a GUESS! may have been more! were in front of us, Plus by the time,we got up there everything I wanted would be gone so we just went home! after talking to my Mom & best friend Samantha (her Blog) They both said, Get Online early & try out  Cyber Monday, After Looking at the sales, I said to myself, "Ok, let's Try this out if it doesn't work out,I'll just go to bed."
On Sunday night, I went to bed at 7:00 pm & woke up at 11:30 so I could be ok for the Night, I went to JCPenny' & & looked at what I wanted, I had it in My cart, till I got everything I wanted after texting Samantha all night too.
I was checking out like at 4:00 am, everything was starting to sell Out, I texted Samantha, "Oh no! people are getting online!" she said "yes, stuff is selling out for me too!" Finally at 6:00 am, after telling My parents what Deals I got! & gifts I got! I went to Bed a Happy Camper! I got almost all my gift shopping done that night, it helped me a lot! Then a Day later Mom & I  went to forever 21 for some winter hats& Now on to the Haul!          
                                                     JC Penny's first! 

My bag! 

My stuff.. HEHEHE! 

My Liz Claiborne Cable knit sweater, I got for $15.00! 

a look at the full sweater, I got red because of Christmas! 

My silky sweat pants, I got for $12.00, I think. 

I love how the drawstring is inside, it looks better to me. 

This Scarf it so warm!  when I saw it, I had to buy it,It was on sale for $9.00! It's a Textured scarf. 

Closer look at the fringe that I love! 

warm slipper moccasins that are normally $25.00 for $13.00!

I got my Original! MUK LUKS! They are so comfy! they are always $30.00 I got them for Drum roll please for $16.00, 

I love the color & If I would have know they are so warm & my feet never hurt in them, I would have gotten more, If You see them on sale, get a PAIR!

 Forever 21

fav store for Winter Accessories

It was $3.80
Rose gold head wrap. I LOVE IT! Since I'm crazy for rose gold! 

taupe Knit beanie I got for $5.50! LOVE IT! 

My CUTE! Pink & Gold Earrings, I got for $3.80

My Oxford blood red infinity scarf! 

It had some hints of gold in it.. I LOVE IT! 

Please Excuse, my bare face! but I wanted to show y'all how my Oxford blood red Scarf looks worn. 

My Taupe hat.. It's so warm, I LOVE IT! We are having warm weather for now, I can't wait to wear it! 
btw I can't show you anything I got from amazon because I got tons of gifts! 

Don't forget to Look at the Sales Forever21 Here!  & JC Penny's Here!  are having! 

What Magazine I'm currently read is?
ELLE! January 2013 with cover girl Jessica Biel! I'll Update You, later in the week! 

See you on Thursday for a New post! 

Stay Safe
& get your shopping done! 
Xo Pam     

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Aww. So glad to be featured in your post, and so glad that you've gotten everything!