Friday, December 14, 2012

Winter Trend: Ugly Christmas Sweaters!

                                                                       Happy Friday!!

I was in the Middle of writing this.. & I started getting breaking news alerts that a school shooting had happened in Newtown, CT I'm so sad for the families & parents & friends there.. I just send so many prayers to the families & parents. 
Just Makes me want to hug my cousins kids even more!!  
                           Just if you can send a prayer up for the families & parents & friends. 

                               Winter Trend: Ugly Christmas Sweater! 
I was on twitter looking at my timeline & I saw some people are going to Ugly Christmas Sweater parties Plus It's a awesome & warm trend.
I said Mmm... I have one sweater that is perfect for it! Maybe I can give you a idea of how to wear a Ugly Christmas Sweater, I wore last year to a Christmas party & people loved my Sweater!

This kinda of a cozy & warm look, anyone can wear when getting to any party. 
Santa Bear sweater by Thrift store (similar Here!  Or Look at thrift stores Or ask your mom, you maybe surprised!) 
Straight leg jeans (Mine are from Here! They have ALL sizes!)
Red scarf  (Aeropostale,last season, similar Here!)
Black Puffed Coat (US Polio Similar Just like it! Here & very low-priced Here!
Ugg look alikes (Payless here!
Hat (Forever 21,last season, Similar Here

Paco, My Dog was with me, I just had to put him in some photos!  
There were cute little girls near us, & they kept saying he looked like Santa!!
He loves Kids, he wanted to run to them. He's so cute. 

My Jeans Look kinda baggy since I had been walking around, try to stuff your jeans as much as you can in your boots. Unless you like it, It is warmer for me though! 

My Little Man! Paco, He's 4 years old & he's a full breed Chihuahua. 

His Santa Suit is From Wal-mart (Similar Here!

My Emerald ring (Avon, similar Here!
Chain bracelet (shop from Houston) 
(I know, my nails Look bad, I painted them then I fell asleep. They are "For Audrey by China Glaze"

Even if you don't get invited to "ugly Christmas sweater Party, Just wear it anyway! I get so many complements on it & people love how I'm not scared to wear it! 
Now That's Classy! as long as you Like it & wear it with Class! 
I know, it's tough to keep your class when your wearing a Ugly Sweater But It's just for fun, You could even wear a Cute sweater too! 

Now I'm ending with few Celebrities wearing Ugly Sweaters!
I found Online, NOT MINE! Not sure were when They were taken. 

Lauren Conrad 

Victoria Justice

                                                              Have a Safe Weekend! 
                                                                        Stay Classy! 
                                                                           Xo Pam 


Jo - Lost in the Haze said...

I love Christmas sweaters! So so so much fun! <3

Lost in the Haze: a Fashion Photography Blog

Pam E said...

Jo, ME TO!! They are awesome to wear yet so warm!
Thank you for reading! :)
I LOVE your Blog, I'm following You.
Xo Pam

Anonymous said...

aww your chihuahua is adorable!
I'm probably one of those people that don't find christmas sweaters ugly lol, I think they've got a lot of character and are actually quite cute! I like how you paired yours up :), makes it totally wearable!

- Mai

Anonymous said...

Awww. Paco's so adorable! I've been getting invites to a lot of ugly sweater parties like crazy. Great post!

Anonymous said...

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