Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Runway Wednesday: Sporty shows with a bit of simpleness

                                                       Happy 12.12.12!
Ohh scary!! Joking, I know But no for real, It's kinda cool! well I think so!
 Hope your day is well so far! It's almost FRIDAY! YAY! Because I have some new stuff I want to share for Friday look out for that!! 
I have been online window shopping for myself . I'm seeing that I can't stop looking at winter/fall Sporty wear.. Looks Like sport clothes but is not, But It has that fitted,clean look that sporty but yet simple.. inspired clothing look, Perfect for FALL! on I came across some Runway shows That are sporty Inspired, That is Stella McCartney but with a Simple, classic, neutral colors, sometimes bright colors yet sophisticated styles that are Phillip Lim.

                                                         Fall 2012
                                                  Stella McCartney

Designer Stella McCartney

Stella's Show was amazing.. so sporty yet with so much lace & fitted perfect dresses but still looks so simple but isn't, I love how so much of clothes looks like anyone can wear it! 
On to the Color trends: blues shades,white shades,grays shades,black shades. 
Clothing trends: Double breasted long coats, over sized coats, turtleneck silky blouses, A lines skirts & dresses, lace embroidery pattern dresses & blouses, wide-leg pants, matching suits, Cable-knit sweaters,sweater dresses,tweed dresses, hour glass dresses,color blocking,pleated pants slouched from the hips,Varsity bomber jackets, flippy skater skirts.
 In accessories: flat leather clutches & lace chokers were all over this show. 
In Shoes: Stella's New Signature, Stella McCartney Rubber-Platform Faux Leather Boot & Stella McCartney Rubber-Platform Faux Leather Pump, Stella McCartney Rubber-Platform "Chloe" Pump
Hair was Pulled back In pony tail or Bun
Make up was very natural makeup with a lot blue mascara.

Fall 2012
3.1 Phillip Lim

Designer Phillip Lim

Phillip Lim show This year I think was maybe one of the best show's I have seen in a while by him.
 I LOVE IT! The Simpleness but I love how different each clothing piece is.. 
In Color trends: white shades & black shades from deep to light black & taupe shades & Deep blues & bright green shades,Oxford blood red shades & bright orange shades. 
Clothing trends: cape Jackets & cape Coats,sleek jackets,sweater knitwear, sharply creased trousers, and great tailored coats,color-blocking, Phillip's Classic slim-fitting pants, houndstooth patterns dresses & matching black & white suits, tons of layering with jackets & coats, geometric-inspired dresses & blouses,structured blazers,cable knit sweaters, sheer pants & tights, peplum blouses,high waist pants. 
In accessories Flat leather clutches,over sized clutches & Black Sunglasses & thick belts, leather collars. 
In Shoes: Cut Out Booties & Delia Bootie in Yellow Gold & leather multi-strap pumps & Leather Laceless Oxfords & Ankle Booties & Kiara Criss-Cross Sandals
In hair: It was either half down or in a low pony tail or small curls.
In Make up:Phillip teamed up with NARS make up, everything was natural on the girls but the eyes they had amazing fake lashes & Bright color eyeliner

See you on Friday! 
Xo Pam


Anonymous said...

Love this post! Stella McCartney will always be a favorite of mine.

Pam E said...

So Happy You love it! Mine too, she's amazing!
Xo Pam
PS Thank you for Reading!