Friday, August 17, 2012

Classy casual!

                                                               Hello,My Lovelys!
We made it to FRIDAY!! YES!! *high fives you* and if You want relax this week by shopping, Just read Below!      
Today I'm doing Classy Casual! Outfit #one is Perfect for College or High School with Heels or flats!
I did it with Polyvore! I wanted to Try it! but They didn't have The dress for Outfit #two! I Just did,Like I normally do, if You liked me using Polyvore Please COMMENT! I would LOVE to know!
Outfit #two Is a Dress perfect for a Fancy Family Dinner or Party Or a Hot date!!
At The End Is some Cheap finds! & Some Nail Polish info I saw online!
And My Classy Casual Outfit!
 also If You Live Texas It's TAX free Weekend this Weekend Starting today! so I will not be going Shopping until Monday! because Last Year some CRAZY Mom's almost Killed me!  I guess if You have more then 2 kids This helps you, I guess?
                                 Classy Casual outfit #one! is a Two Piece! 
Classy Casual #1

 Floral Print Peplum Tee 
At Forever 21 To Buy
Perfect Since the Trend will be Here for a WHILE! 

 Second Skin Jegging - Short Regularly $26.50 Now on sale!! $19.50!
They also have ALL floral jeans on sale too! I may go get some because these jeans are really good quality! At Wet seal  To Buy!

Metallic Bow Flats $19.80
Metallic are here to STAY! So why not Buy some Cute flats? for those days when Heels hurt! At Forever 21
To Buy! 

Ankle Strap Wedges $32.80 
Besides the heat & it Being Nude,Nude helps so many things Makes your Legs look longer or can help you stand out if You have a Shoe like this!
 At Forever21 To Buy

Patent Mini Satchel $19.80                                                                   
when I first stared liking Fashion. I was reading Coco Chanel Books and I know. I saw this Purse in there. It's Just a Classic Bag that will make you look even More Classier. To buy! 

 Rhinestoned Bow Ring Set $2.80
This Looks Like something from House of Harlow but for Cheaper and Lover it! Very Classy but small #Tip1 DON'T! Over do your Jewelry when wearing Peplum because the Peplum is the star here! At forever 21.  To buy!
#TIP2 for Jewelry from Forever 21,always Put a Clear Coat of nail polish on it So it doesn't go Green! it REALLY Does help! 

                                             Classy Casual Outfit #two! One Piece 
Colorblock Panel Dress $19.80 
At Forever 21
Always Classy It the 60's to even now!  Such statement Dress! It really doesn't need no Jewelry but a bracelet! or Earrings.  

Floral Platform Pumps $26.80
At Forever 21
Just To add some more Bang to your's Outfit! even nudes will go well with this too! 

Sparkling Pearlescent Studs $3.80
At Forever 21
I mean. If Your going to Go Classy! just go ALL out! :) 
I LOVE These If they look old Ladieish to you! That's Fine but to Me! they look Perfect. Even for a Date these would Look Good. Men Do Like Classy Women they just don't say it! 

Lace Leatherette Wallet $10.50
At Wet Seal.
Lace is VERY Classy and again another Classic And Just POPS the whole Outfit together!  

Love Cameo Charm Bracelet $7.50
At Wet Seal.
I like This Because It looks Classy and You can wear it with anything. It will make you shine even more! 


At ALDO!! 
This Pastel Necklace is a Perfect way to Bring Pastels into Winter! and Very Cute! 

Heart Lock Charm Bracelet $4.80
This Perfect for a Arm Party and just All the time Cute but Sweet! 

                                                  My Take on Classy Casual! 
My Black Shawl From Forever 21,Pink with Black Hearts Blouse from Forever 21, Grey & Black Skirt from Forever 21,Black Point shoes From Sears, My Rosegold watch from Merona,At Target.

                                                                            Closer Look!

 Black & white  Bracelet from Charles Kevin At Burlington coat factory, Nail Polish,L'oreal #400 Tangerine crush.
                                                      To go to Chictopia!
                                                        Nail Polish SALE!  
My darling Loves!! OMGH! OMGH!! Someone On youtube said This and not a HUGE Youtuber either it was just someone I follow anyway! CHINA GLAZE! Nail polish is on sale for $1.50!! SO GOO!!!! Before they run out!  I'm going to Sally's BEAUTY!  in a Little bit! :D But you can buy them here too! CLICK ME!
                                                   Hope You have a Wonderful Weekend!
                                                                      XOXO Pam <3
                                                                      Stay With Fashion!


Ana Pejkanovic said...

I love that peplum top. I should go and check out the Forever 21.

Pamela Esparza said...

You should! It's such a Good Find! I need to go too! :) Thank You for reading!