Wednesday, October 22, 2014

How Oscar De La Renta has Changed My Life.

               How Oscar De La Renta Has changed my life.

I'm sure, you all have heard about fashion designer, Oscar De La Renta has passed away and yes, this is a bit different then what I normally do but I wanted to share this story with you, because Oscar De La Renta is an icon in my book. 

Let's go back to Monday night.                     
My brother Pat said, "PAM! Have you heard?"  I said "About what?" Pat said, "about Oscar De La Renta?"  then he told me the sad news about his passing.  
I broke down in tears and couldn't stop crying. I kept wondering, all evening...why am I, so sad?? then it hit me. 
Now I'm going to take you back with me when I was 13, my mom use to get Vogue magazine, and I loved to look at the photos of dresses from cover to cover.
I fell in love with a dress, I loved this beautiful dress, and, I couldn't get it out of my head, this dress was maybe the Most beautiful dress, I have ever seen! 
(Version I saw, there was no necklace) 

I wanted to know, who made it. My mom looked up the designer of that beautiful dress. It was Oscar De La Renta. 
Mom took out a couple of books about him, out of the library and read them from cover to cover and I learn everything from these books about this man. Who somehow in my own way, became like an Uncle to me. I never knew him but I felt as if, he was family. I talked and wrote about him a lot during fashion week. 
This one dress, got me into Fashion, and this man was truly an Uncle to me. 
About the same time, I fell in love with Fashion. 
I was growing up, maybe when I was 14 and 15, I got very ill and Mom would get Vogue, fashion magazines and books for me.  I saw, how much of Oscar was loved by fashion icons, and how his love for Fashion, changed the lives of many people. I was reading about Jackie Kennedy at about the same time, I was surprised that, Jackie gave an up-and-coming designer a chance!
 I mean, who does that anymore? From then on, Oscar De La Renta, became THEE Designer who dressed the First Ladies. 

There are tons of photos and seasons that are my favorites but I'm just going to post a few.       
                                     Hope you enjoy! 


 (All S/S 2012)

                         (Mrs, Amal Clooney At a Fitting for Most Loved Wedding Dress of 2014.)

(No Timestamp) 

(Vogue in 1998)

(1987 With Audrey Hepburn)  

(Model Karlie Kloss At the End of His show on Spring 2015 RTW) 

Quotes From Oscar De La Renta.

Rest In Peace. 

Óscar Arístides Renta Fiallo 
(22 July 1932 – 20 October 2014)

Always Live Life to the Fullest. 

Xo Pamela

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