Tuesday, January 28, 2014

First Fashion Post of 2014!

                                          Hello Loves!
How is Everyone?? I sure have missed Everyone! I'm Back for GOOD! This is kinda a update on me and what I'm working on For this Month and I hope the Year!
I'm ok, my Holiday's were great, they went by WAY to Fast! How were your Holiday's?
I did take photos of my Christmas outfit just didn't have a enough time to post them, I tried so many times, It felt as if time was Flying by even more then normal,*Sighs* Ok, Now on to the fashion.
All the award shows have happened or are going to happen In this coming month, I will be working on some posts on different events, I hope you will like as in the Golden Globes and Grammy's,The Oscar's then I hope to post my Christmas outfit and tons of different things for the end of Winter & Spring.
Then Valentines day is coming up and So I will have a full post, about Being a single Girl and some gift ideas if You have somebody and for Family & Friends, If I can get to this Valentines Day Post.

                                            Have a Blessed Day!
                                                 Stay Classy!
                                                     Xoxo Pam


June L. said...

Glad you had a happy holidays, Pam! (And glad to see you back!) ^^ My Christmas was awesome and restful, but I wish we could have some more time. ;o; Boohoo. Can't wait for your next posts!~ <3

Alex said...

Being really stylish and contemporary is what establishes you apart from the masses. And certainly who wouldn't like to be famous. Love that look!