Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Navy & Black Summer Outfit! And Sales! For August 8th Weekend!

                                   Hello Darlings!
                     How has your Summer Been??
Mine is pretty good! my Birthday was WONDERFUL!! June was amazing! I did miss,My Blog birthday, I was very sick on that day.. I keep feeling bad that I missed it! July was just crazy! had Family come in & Birthday's, Holiday's!  Now we are in the beginning of August! Wow.. so fast. 
Now school is starting! *Sobs* my brother's & friends are dreading it, already! the Months go by.. as summer is ending, then soon as we know it, it's time to let Summer go.. *NO!!* But wait! I'm Here to help you with Summer outfit ideas, I love to keep cool, while wearing skirts, I swear, they help you keep cool, in this heat. 

                     "Navy And Black Summer Outfit."

It was hot and sticky Day, I grabbed my simple black skirt & my favorite shirt at the moment . 
Navy and white striped shirt, by Eddie Bauer.  Look alike (HERE!
Black skirt by Laura Scott. Look alike  (HERE!)
Pearls by thrift store. Look alike (HERE!)  
Rose gold watch by Merona (HERE!)

Beautiful Texas morning.. 

Hologram flats are by Forver21.  They are sold Out! Here's some flats, I'm eyeing! (HERE!

Here In Texas and Nationwide, There are tons of sales! 
I wanted to share in case, anyone is in the mood for SHOPPING!
Texas is Having Tax Free Weekend! Till Sunday,midnight. 
Full Tax Free List is HERE!

August 8th Weekend, SALES! 
Back to School & Jean's sale 
At Old Navy, this weekend starting at $19.99! & Up! & $10.99! For Kids! 
Details (HERE!

Jean's 40% Off! 
At Express! starting at $47.90 & UP! 
Details (HERE!)

Hot Summer Sale! 
At JCPenny's store wide & online.
Till Saturday August 9th. 
Details (HERE!)
By the way, use code (SAVBUNCH) 

Thank YOU for reading! And supporting me! While I was on a break! 
Xo Pam 
Believe in yourself! 


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