Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!! & Black Thursday?

                                             Happy Thanksgiving!
To All my wonderful & Great Readers! Have a Great And Family Filled Thanksgiving! And Happy Hanukkah! & Happy Thanksgivukkah as some people are calling it.

I'm wearing a simple thin white turtle neck with jeans & my new pink shoes! that post will be up New Week, But here's a Sneak Peek.

Don't Forget,Shopping! TILL YOU DROP!! If Your going Shopping! Tonight Or Tomorrow Morning!
Don't, forget to Read My Black Friday Or Black Thursday? haha Outfit & 7 Golden Rules of Black Friday Shopping!

This Year, I'm doing CYBER MONDAY!! Then starting December,Every store will have sales, unless You want something for super CHEAP!

Ok, I'm MIA, Because My internet is ATT&T And It's the WORST the internet in the world.. It's so slow.  I hope to be back soon!

 I want to Thank EVERYONE! For Being Wonderful Readers & Friends! I have been going though a lot, With My Health & My Mom's Health & Now the Holidays, That I LOVE! but someday's They are so stressful!

                             Stay Classy! STAY SAFE! & Happy Thanksgiving!
                           See you in December! Or Monday! haha.
                                                 Xoxo Pam                                                        

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