Friday, June 14, 2013

Summer Trend: Outfit for a Cool Summer day.. What I got at BBW And Sales!

                                    Happy Friday! And Happy Father's Day!
How is Everyone? I hope y'all read my mini update on Wednesday,because I am very busy right now with so many things, plus we are going to be moving this coming week and Packing is tough! and if you're like me who has many things from makeup to clothing to shoes to fashion magazines! I will still be posting only on Wednesday and Friday and my giveaway for my Blogiversary may have to wait just a few weeks and Thank for always reading!

What I'm Wearing? 
Grenadine colored blouse By Rafaella (gift and similar Here!)
Black jeans By Jordache (similar Here!

 Lately here in Texas,the weather has been odd, It's cool then hot! then rainy! I have No idea how to dress!! I pick wore jeans so my legs won't get cold and a short sleeve so I won't be hot and I carried along my trench,  I forgot to take a photo of it, but You can see it Here!

My Jewelry And Nail Polish.
 Rose gold watch by Xhilaratiton (Here!
Rose gold chain by Thrifted (similar Here!
Gold heart charm bracelet by gift (similar Here!)
Siver Heart Shape Ring by Hometown Store (Here!
Nail polish is OPI Germany Collection,Don't Pretzel My Buttons, (Here!

Nude Flats By Steve Madden (similar Here!
I wore simple shoes so If I got them wet, They wouldn't get messed up But It never rained while I was outside. 

Round Coral/Orange round clip earrings by Dots (Here!

Mini Haul and The Big Semi-Annual Sale! 

Left side is: Cherry Blossom Hand soap,that smells Cherry flowers! and It's $3.00! (Here!)
Right side is: Daisy Dreamgirl Mist That perfect for the weekend or Everyday! It smells like passion fruit and clementine and grapefruit and daisies. Mom Brought one too! she loves it too! And It's $4.00! (Here!

This is My favorite scent right now, But since It's leaving..  And Sold out online! I got it for $1.50! 

If You can't make it in store to Bath & Body works, you can still shop online! The Semi Annual Sale ends MONDAY! 

Bath & Body Works will being having summer Sale Starting July 8 And will be Having a Collection called "Summer Chill Collection"! I can't wait! is Having a 70% off Sale! (Here!
Charlotte Russe is having a 60% off Sale (Here!
Romwe is having a Leggings sale! & another a 70% off Sale! (Here!
Forever21 is having a  50% off Sale! (Here!

Have a Wonderful Weekend! 
With Your Dad or Remembering Your Dad. 
See You soon! 
Xoxo Pam 

P.S. Thanks for reading! 


Caroline Topperman said...

Good luck with your move, hope everything goes smoothly! Loving your watch.

Pam E said...

HI @Carol
Thank you so MUCH! I'm hoping so too! Aww Thank you!
Xoxo Pam
PS I'm hoping After the Move I'll get my blogging groove again.

June L. said...

Awww, love your outfit! The earrings look great on you. And WHOOT! I absolutely love the Bath and body works sale too, I hauled so many hand sanitizers/hand washes home! xD $3!! Whoa~

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Pam E said...

HI @June L!
Oh Thank You! OH YES! I love BBW, I'm always there. haha. aww! YES! I would Love too! I'll follow you right now!
Xo Pam