Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Runway Wednesday: Happy Clothing!

                                                    Hello Darlings!
Hope Your having a Blessed week so far! Today is one of my birthday party's and I'm dolling myself up & resting.. My real Birthday is on Sunday! I'll be turning 22! I know.. I'm so old! haha! &  since I have been feeling kinda sick so today's post will be very simple! & I can't wait for to share Friday's Outfit! & it's my birthday outfit!
                                                     Kate Spade 
                                      Summer 2013 

(More info Here!
I LOVE This Collection, Mostly because it's bright & Perfect for Summer! I can't wait to go shopping & look for pieces like this. I wish Kate Spade would team up with Target! I would buy it all. *sighs* a Girl can dream,right! 
Let's talk trends! 
COLOR Trends: light pink,white,hot pink,baby blue,black,brown,beige, bright green,bright yellow,navy blue,orange. 
Prints & fabric Trends:tweed,silk,stripes,florals,gingham,watercolors, lace.
Clothing Trends:Long Thin Jackets with shorts,high waisted shorts, Matching suits with shorts, boat neck blouses, Peter pan collars, matching Gingham outfits,mini skirts,dresses with cardigans,color blocking, A line dresses,color blocked T shirts, shift dresses,A line skirts, Bow dresses,peplum dresses,crop pants,sweater short sleeves, capped sleeve dresses, sleeveless button down blouses. 
Shoe Trends: 
Flats with Gold or Silver caps 

Wedges! Floral or Red or Blue 

Accessories and Handbag trends: 
White Straw shoulder bags with Gingham nails! 

Love this clutch with bows on it with the white! 

50s radio clutch!

Pop! for your ipad! 

Sunglasses! Wow.. 
& tons of tights from Pink to bows! and thin short socks, Vogue didn't like them But I do! I would wear them if I could find them! 
Hair and Makeup Trends: 
aqua eyeliner & eyeshadow & the rest of the face was natural Makeup

That Roll in the hair is a trend, I couldn't find any hair tips of it. I'll keep looking! 

Very Pretty! & Different in a Awesome way! 
For Nail inspiration, Look Here! & Here!
 Kate Spade is having a sale right now! some things are a Very Good price! Look for it Here!

Happy Summer! 
see you Soon! 
Xoxo Pam 
P.S Title goes to My BFF Miri who calls Kate Spade Clothing Happy Clothing! :) 


miri lulu said...

You made me laugh! Well, all the colors are happy.colors. I Love everything! Especiallythe bow print. So cute! The 50's radio clutch is so cool!

Always proud of u,


Pam E said...

@Miri! YAY! They are! I love Brights! OH yess! OMGH! YES! :) Kate is a Vintage lover too! :)
Xoxo Pam