Friday, May 24, 2013

What's Wrong With Selling Only To Cool kids? & SALE!

               Happy, Happy, HAPPY Memorial Weekend!
Three happys for each day off! I'm good! Getting better, just trying to get back into the blogging routine & I didn't want to take photos of a poorly styled outfit! I know myself. It's like what happened to HER outfit? Haha. I even wear sweats when sick! I KNOW...THE HORROR! & For Memorial Day weekend,there aren't too many sales! & There's so much going on in the Fashion world and I want to talk ALL about it!

                  What's Wrong With Selling Only To Cool kids??  

EVERYTHING IS! & I was so angry when I heard about this! If you haven't heard about this. (Here!) Thank You LORD For Jes Baker! She's an Angel!
I was sick of going to Abercrombie & Fitch with friends & not being able to find anything. And saying to myself, "it's not my style" But was all about size. I knew A&F stood only for quote "Skinny people" unquote.
Because I wear one size up then most girls. I also like my tee shirts loose so I normally buy one size up or even two sizes up sometimes. Yes...I'm not scared to say it. Since I turned 19 my weight has been up & down! It's crazy that people easily and automatically pre-judge you! I mean..we've all been there. People have no idea of what's going on in a person's life. I'm not at my ideal weight because of  my sicknesses and all the medicines that  I take.  I'm just more curvier than I'd like to be. But I don't have to tell that to Abercrombie & Fitch! I don't want you to have to either!  Nobody should.
That's the only store, besides a lot of Designer Houses i.e. Chanel. They do not carry Plus sizes!  But Adele & Octavia Spencer are changing all that!
I'm seeing companies Like Burberry & Jenny Packham making dresses for Adele & Tadashi Shoji and for Octavia Spencer. But why do people have a problem making Plus Size Clothing?? Its not that hard and they would have HAPPY customers. I don't understand it!  There's a lot of happy curvy Women who are happy with their bodies.
There are people who don't like Plus Size clothing & Curvy People. They also seem to have problems with their body Image!  I mean..let's take a look at the CEO Abercrombie & Fitch Mike Jeffries! He's overly tanned. And dresses like he's 20! But he's 60 something. That just screams someone who isn't happy in their body. 
I'm so proud of Jes Baker!  And if you haven't seen her photos I'll post them below! If you have Abercrombie & Fitch clothing you might want to give them away. You could give it away to the homeless! Just a suggestion.  Read more about it here! HERE! 

(photos are not MINE!) 

Jes's Open Letter to Mike Jeffries 

Her FB 

Jes is a really wonderful Lady. I want her to know that she's helping to change the world for today.  And for the Girls & Ladies of the future! 

I hope to write more blog posts of how to Love your BODY in the future. And to give more options 
 for Ladies of all Sizes in my blog soon! 

It's Memorial Day weekend  & Nordstrom is having their HUGE SALE this weekend! 
If you haven't heard through almost every other blogger has been talking about it too! I wanted to help how you can find a outfit in this HUGE SALE! 

Huge Sale Shopping Tips! 

1.Make sure you go & look at all your clothing EVEN BEFORE you go shopping! Because you may buy stuff you already have! 
2. Know your sizes! And  look at the clothing itself sometimes hangers are wrong in sizes! 
3.Know your price limit and stick to it.
4. If you're taking other people, you may get lost from one another.  Make sure you have a place to meet when you're all done shopping. 

My wants from Nordstroms! 
Round Bracelet watch in Rose Gold By Anne Klein 
was $125.00! 

Chambray Denim Shirt Dress by Caslon 
was $68.00! 

Turnlock "Katie" Bracelet By MARC By Marc Jacobs 
$34.80 was $58.00! 

"Jiffie" Wedge Sandal By BCBgeneration 
$38.94 was $58.95! 

Woven Fringe Crossbody bag By Street Level 
$29.98 was $60.00! 

Camo Army Jacket By Elodie! 
$28.98 was $58.00! 
I want that JACKET! Haha! 

Have a Great Weekend 
Stay Beautiful! 

Xoxo Pam


Anonymous said...

I wrote about this two weeks ago . I think it's a prestige thing for designers. They don't want their clothes on "common" (ie plumper) people - and the label fiends don't want to share with the larger women. It'll change when the public demands it changes.

Spashionista (Alicia)

Pam E said...

@Alicia Oh Yes! That's so true..I don't get why they are like that! They would make More Money! YES! & as More Larger Women become stars. It's the Future in Fashion. I Love Your Post! it's amazing so TRUE!! I see other stores do it.. to.. It's so Nasty! & RUDE!
Xo Pam & Thanks for reading!

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Nice ! Thanks for sharing.....