Friday, May 10, 2013

Spring Trend: Blue Denim On Denim Day.

                                                            Happy Friday!
 Yes, You did it! You finished the work week!! & Happy Mother's Day to All the Mom's & doggie Mom's too! My Mom is the Best  for everything besides also taking my blog photos! she's Truly the one who made me a fashion Lover & The Woman I am today & Today I have a new outfit look for Our Spring Trend Series!

                    Spring Trend Series: Blue Denim On Denim day. 
What I'm Wearing
Denim Blouse With Hearts By Red Tulips At Marshalls (Similar Here!
Blue Jeans By Signature By Levi  (Here!)

More Info BELOW! 

I love These Huge bags! I have been wanting to try Denim On Denim trend for a while Since I saw Miranda Kerr wear it a While Back.. but then again she can wear anything! & Look good! 
I also just Put it in a Messy bun for a clean look & let my outfit SHINE! 
Favorite Video of messy bun Here! I do the same thing with my hair! 

My Jewelry. 
Rose Gold Bangles by Forever21 (similar Here!
Gold Ring by Flea Market (similar Here! )

My Brown Penny Loafers By Franco Sarto. 
(Similar Here! )  
I rolled my Jeans to make it look more simple. 

I'm holding the bag! 
when Wearing denim make sure you wear different colors or washes of Denim, Because one color washes you out, then your look in the color! I was trying really hard to wear different denims, also the full denim outfit is great for a cool spring day

My Inspiration for Denim on Denim Look! 

Happy Weekend!
See you Soon! 
Xoxo Pam 


Trureader said...

love the big bags!! That is so unique! Did you go shopping with them, too! I love denim. Its so comfortable and still nice looking. Love your post.
Stay successful...

Caroline Topperman said...

Loving the denim on denim! Those huge bags are awesome and I'm really loving the background on your site. It's so pretty!

Pam E said...

ME too! Haha,I would if I could yes It is! aww Thank YOU!
Xo Pam
Thank for Reading!

Pam E said...

YAY! I'm so glad You like it! Oh YES,They are! Oh Thank You!
Xo Pam
Thanks for reading!

Ka MI said...

Good inspiring style pieces!

Pam E said...

Oh Thank You!
Xo Pam
Thanks for Reading!