Wednesday, September 4, 2013

It's After Labor Day And I'm Wearing White!

                                                      Happy Wednesday!
How is Everyone? I hope you are all well, I'm doing Good & I know, My Post is a day late But Oh well. For Labor Day  day,we had a Family BBQ, It was Great Food, and Wonderful company & One Amazing time!
Today's Fashion Love (What I'm Wearing) & Packed with Outfit Inspiration!

My Outfit. 
Basic White Tee By old Navy (Click me!
Bleach Bermuda White Shorts (DIY Click me! Or Click Me!)
More Info BELOW! 

Manly This Outfit is around, This one of a kind,Cross Body Bag I found at Thrift Store for $7.00! With Tags On it and Brand new, It's from Mossimo, I LOVE IT! I mean, It's One bag, I just had to have, I was fighting over it with this Lady at the Thrift Store, I went for a little with my brother, since I was feeling Ok, then we had to stand in this LONG Line since it was Back to School sale & all clothing was 50% OFF! I just got this and Another Bag, I can't wait to show Y'all! 
what I meanly love is The Colors & How It Looks and The fringe, I LOVE so MUCH! the Colors, My Grandma LOVES! since It has such Beautiful weaving.

I love a simple white blouse & I really wanted My Bag To be the Center of this Outfit, and To make that happen, I wore a white outfit and since Old Navy had a sale on basics back in august, I brought what I could, but They didn't have my sizes so this blouse looks a bit big, but kinda all works out since I dressed up This simple Basic, That's kinda what I love about Basics. 

Silver Necklace (Gift, This would great with it too Click Me!)
I wore one of my favorite Necklaces Since It's so light, it works out to not overshadow, the bag and the rest of my outfit. 

My Accessories & Shoes! 
Rosegold Spike Bracelet By Twinkle World (Similar Click Me!
Rosegold Watch By Xhilartion (Click Me!)
Owl Ring By Thrift Store (Similar Click Me!
White Flip Flops By Old Navy (Click Me!
Cross Body Handbag By Mossimo (Similar Click Me!

Now, yes.. My Nail Polish Is ugly! so oops, Forgive Me! & I was in Pain and sick. My nails were looking bad. Lol!   
Yes, You can wear white after Labor Day, It's really a thing people would do in the 1920s-1960s, But We don't Follow if Here,  Because in Texas and other Places it stays Hot until October Or November.. So I will keep wearing white till the Winter then I wear My off white Sweaters! 

Fact: Designer And Icon, Coco Chanel Wore White Year around! 

I hope the photos down below, Give You some Inspiration of How to Wear White, Other than summer since the weather is different everywhere. 

How To Wear White after Labor Day, In a Fashionable Way. 

White Coats & Blazers. 

 White Sweaters & Skirts. 

One Piece or a Touch of White. 

Full white outfits with a touch of Color. 

Be Yourself! 
Stay Beautiful! 

Xoxo Pam 


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